Many there are who have gazed upon us at Estrella War. They have taken pictures in front of our palisade and enjoyed the hospitality of our camp. They have wondered, looking upon the wolf head banners, who we are. You have come to a place of discovery, for this is the repository of our adventures, our stories, and our identity. Come, and read of Clan Nightwolf.

Clan Nightwolf was given life in the winter of 1995, taking shape in the mind of Sam Lawless (aka Jonas Blackmane.) From an idea, a great house was born. Accepting only those into our ranks who share friendship and loyalty to the idea, as well as to one another, we have grown slowly but steadily. Today there are 17 official members (16 living), and half again as many friends of Clan Nightwolf.

Initially, the description of Clan Nightwolf was simple. As the years have passed the group has grown beyond a simple statement of purpose to embody a whole philosophy about what a household should be, a vision of what we deem the truly entertaining parts of the SCA.

While the group's guiding philosophies have evolved over the years since its inception, there have been a few core ideals to which we cling tenaciously. Clan Nightwolf has no interest in the power trip of "nobility" in the SCA. We bow to no crown until the person wearing the crown earns our friendship, or at least our respect. We have tried in recent years to maintain a period feel to our encampment. This has admittedly evolved into a neo-period collection of tents from different time periods and regions, but we are faithful, at the very least, to period materials. The last, and most important, guiding philosophy of Clan Nightwolf is hospitality. All who come with good intentions are welcome to share drink and revelry with the Clan.

As we have aged and our membership has become more diverse, and we have several new interests that have recently been engaged. We are now brewing some tasty beers and ales, and our membership boasts one of the finest brewers of mead in the all the western kingdoms. We encourage entertainment and seek to host a collection of the finest dancers and musicians at each event we attend.

Most importantly, Clan Nightwolf endeavors to do everything with style. Our tents are furnished with beds, our meals are served on gleaming platters at long feast tables, and our camp is warded by a huge wooden palisade. Our tabards are hand crafted by an accomplished seamstress, and each member contributes what they know to the crafts of the group. What Nightwolf has become cannot be expressed by words alone, so have a look around our site and, better yet, join us at an event to really get a taste of Clan Nightwolf.