Talon Grimblade

Totem: The Wolf
Initiated: 2000

Before he was called Talon, the child that would grow into a great warrior would have to overcome many obstacles in his young life just to survive. His life was wrought with grief even before he was old enough to stand on his own.

Northerners found the child, born to Moorish parents who he would never know, in a razed village in the southern reaches of the known world. the only survivor of his people. He was taken to the north as a prize, a dark gem, in the pale landscape of the northern people.

His liberators, who would later be known as Vikings, presented the child to the leader of their clan and his advisors. Having never laid eyes upon another of his hue, the advisors were wary of this dusky omen and fearful of the wrath of their gods. They suggested to their leader that the boy be slain outright. The wisdom of the Viking chieftain is what saved the child. He was confident that the boy would not have been found living unless their gods had willed it.

There were long and heated arguments among the advisors of the clan of what to do with the "dark one". Sensing the fear of divine retribution among his people, the leader of the clan prayed to Odin, for wisdom in order to make the right decision about the boy.

Upon the morn of Walpurgia (Beltane), the chieftain sounded a horn and decreed that the boy would be taken to the far side of the woods and left there until the following morning to fend for himself. If he survived or if he perished, it would be the will of the gods and their will would NOT be disputed. All in the clan agreed, thinking that the boy could not possibly survive, and the boy was taken into the woods wrapped in only a woolen blanket.

At sunrise of the next morning, there were two large birds, ravens, seen circling above the area where the boy was left. ravens, symbols of Odin.

The Viking leader's slumber was filled with visions of a great dark warrior battling and winning countless victories alongside a pack of wolves. He was roused from his slumber by the voices of his people exclaiming that the boy must be dead. Upon hearing this, he led his people to the site where the boy was abandoned.

As they entered the clearing a most curious sight greeted them. A very large wolf sat guard over the child who was very much alive and well. a wolf, another symbol of the Allfather. At the wolf's feet was the carcass of a raptor that had apparently mistaken the boy, as it's next meal. Even more curious was what the boy had clutched in his hands: the talons of the dead raptor.

The Viking Chieftain simply said, "The gods have spoken and have chosen our people to raise this boy.Talon, as one of our own! What say the people?" As one, the Viking people cheered, "Aye! We welcome ye, Talon, into our clan!!" At this response the great wolf howled, the circling ravens took their leave, and the Moor boy was raised as a Viking.

Talon grew strong in both body and mind in his years with the Vikings. Though most of his peers grew taller and broader, he easily matched their strength and outmatched them in sheer ferocity in battle. He was constantly sparring and seldom smiling which earned him the surname Grimblade.

As time progressed, Talon Grimblade developed wanderlust and decided to leave the security of his surrogate family to discover what else the world had to offer one of his many talents as a mercenary. He departed with the blessings of his clan and sought adventure elsewhere.

Many lands and societies did Talon encounter on his travels. But still, there was something that he sought that he couldn't seem to find. something he couldn't quite describe. It was something more emotional than physical. a sense of well-being.

One night in late winter, Talon camped under the canopy of night by light of a full moon. It was then that he heard the call of his totem animal, the wolf. As he was about to echo a response, he heard other "wolves" respond in unison. He followed the sound of the howling until he came upon an encampment of people that held no malice in their eyes toward him. They observed him until he spoke. " I am Talon. Was it your pack that answered the call of my brother, the Wolf?" A large bearded bear-of-a-man looked over to another with a mane as black as night. The Blackmane nodded to the Bear. They both regarded Talon as the Bear answered, "Aye, we are Clan Nightwolf". Talon smiled and let forth a howl that stirred the depths of their souls! The warm smiles that he received in response to his call and the echo of the great wolf in the distance seemed to forge a bond almost instantly with his new acquaintances. They spoke long into the night as each member of Clan Nightwolf recounted tales of past escapades and Talon told the tale of his life. he has been with them since that fateful night and has become a dedicated member of the pack.