Totem: The Dog
Initiated: February 2001

Sagar sits in his chair with a mug and motions for everyone to gather around, "Come and sit, I feel the need to re-educate everyone. I believe I will tell you about the time when I came into existence."

Sitting down and looking at every face he says, "Loki, ha ha, that trickster! In a way I could call him mother. Quite a while ago Loki invited Thor, God of Thunder, to dine. Thor, quite aware of how the trickster worked, was suspicious and felt he could catch Loki in any prank. I don't know how many pranks Thor spoiled, but on the eve he dined with Loki, he failed. Loki stuffed a large turkey with an infant, me, and offered it to Thor along with the rest of a meal fit for a god. Thor searched through the food, but failed to look in the turkey. Thor ate the turkey whole. Not soon after the dinner, Thor became sick. Just think how it would feel to have a baby kicking around in your stomach. Thor tried not to hold his sick stomach, what type of god gets sick?"

"Loki watched Thor over the next few days and got his share of mirth before Thor realized it must have been from the dinner. Thor grabbed Loki violently and threatened him with his hammer, and Loki said just to squat out the pain. Thor went to visit middle earth to do his squatting, and Loki shadowed him and laughed as Thor took his dump and lo and behold! There I was laying on the ground."

"The end."

With that said, Sagar chugs the rest of his mug.