Totem: The Cave Bear
Initiated: September 1999

Kane was born Phelan Longseach in the 7th century A.D. to a family of Irish fisherman. Kane's early childhood was not one of happiness and peace. The Clan to which he was born was embroiled in a bitter, bloody war with another Clan. His Clan did not fare well in this War, and, not long after his 4th year of life began, his Clan lost its final battle. Kane, his Father and Mother were but 3 of a handful of survivors. Kane's Father, fearing the worst, fled Ireland with his wife and young son in the families fishing boat. Unfortunately, the Gods did not favor his Father's choice. A storm overtook their small boat and Kane's father and mother drowned. Kane, however, survived and later washed up onto the English shore, half drowned, but alive. A childless old Irish woman found Kane, unconscious and clinging to a piece of wreckage. The old woman, a Viking slave, took him in and nursed him back to health. The woman also gave him his new name - Kane. Kane spent the next 6 years of his life living with the old woman as her adopted son in the slave quarter of a Viking town.

At the age of 10 Kane's life was violently changed once more. A Viking Warrior, a man known for his cruel treatment of the women in the slave quarter, along with two of his fellow warriors, were murdered not far from the street where Kane lived with his adopted Mother. The Vikings attacked that section of the slave quarter, burning a number of homes and putting many of the slaves who lived there to the sword. Among those killed was the old woman that had taken him in. Kane was brutally beaten and left for dead when he attempted to defend her.

But, once again the Gods intervened in Kane's life. An insane, outcast Druid found him near the body of his adopted Mother. The old Druid carried him out of the town to a nearby cave where he healed Kane's wounds. During his recovery the two became friends of a sort, and, once he had healed, began to travel together. Not long after his 11th birthday he became the old outcast's apprentice. Over the next 17 years of his life the two wandered all over England, Scotland, Wales and the Frankish Kingdom. During this time his Master and mentor taught him everything he knew of languages, astrology, holistic medicine, religion, history and "magic".

Finally, during a journey into the Scottish Highlands, his Master, Mentor and Friend of 17 years died peacefully in his sleep of old age.

For the next two years he wandered England alone.

Near the end of his 30th year he wandered into a Viking town. Kane spent several days in that town at a small inn, resting while he tried to decide where to go next. A longing to return to the land of his birth had been steadily growing within him for some time.

So it was that an early morning found him sitting outside the inn. He had decided to begin his journey home that very night and he was enjoying what was to have been his final day in town. Those plans changed when an older Viking Chieftain led a contingent of Warriors past the inn. Kane recognized that Chieftain's face; it was a face that was graven into his memory. The Chieftain was the same Viking Warrior who had murdered his adopted mother so many years earlier. At that moment Kane decided to exact his revenge for her death.

Kane spent the next 2 weeks planning his revenge and waiting for an opportunity to enact his plan. That opportunity came on a cold, rainy night. Kane made his way into the kitchen that serviced the lodge that was the Viking Chieftain's home. While there, he poisoned the food for that night's meal and then quietly slipped out into the night. The Chieftain, his family and many of his Warriors died, very painfully, not long after.

After exacting his revenge, he returned to the land of his birth the same way he had left it, by fishing boat. Kane was 31 when he stepped onto Irish shores.

Kane wandered Ireland for nearly two years before he met a band of wanderers who called themselves Clan Nightwolf. Over the next few months he traveled with them, finally, becoming one of them.

After many years of wandering Kane had found those who would be his Family and Clan for the rest of his life.