Wanting to belong? Who isn't? Clan Nightwolf from day one has been a group built around my dream, and the social interaction and ideals of the group are for a select few. I have witnessed households grow fat with members to eventually disintegrate when inner strife breaks out. I too have watched groups die off because they refused to grow and change. I strive to keep Clan Nightwolf in a fine middle ground. Anyway, here are the guidelines we use.

A person wishing to enter into the initiate phase with Clan Nightwolf must make a formal request, in writing, to Jonas Blackmane. Upon evaluating the intersted party and deeming them worthy of initiate status, Jonas will invite them to begin their trials.

These trials do not occur in any specific order. They are all concurrent.

After the Trial of Time is complete (and the other trials passed to satisfaction), Jonas asks the opinion of the other members, getting everyone's feedback. Then, with that in mind, he will decide if the initiate is worthy of membership. If they have been found to be a valuable asset to the group, they are asked to pay their first dues (which partially cover the creation of their membership regalia) and then at their next major event they are offically initated into Clan Nightwolf.